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Empower Afghan artisans to bring their exquisite hand woven rugs from the mountains of rural Afghanistan into your home.
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Empower Afghan Artisans

The Afghan Artisan team works to guide you through the process of empowering Afghan women with impactful employment opportunities, while you gain a unique masterpiece of heirloom quality craftsmanship.

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Empower Artisans

Easy on the local environment

Natural wool from sheep raised among the peaks of the Hindukush range of central Afghanistan is spun and dyed using environmentally friendly natural dyes.

Generational Traditions

Each rug is then skillfully hand-knotted by a local family with generations of women often working on the rug over the course of weeks or even months.

Listen to Their Stories

Afghanistan, a land known for decades-long wars, is home to people who have managed to endure in the face of daily struggles beyond imagination. Families suffering from a seemingly unsurmountable lack of basic resources are the norm. Mothers in Afghanistan often bear the brunt of worrying about how to feed their families while at the same time being restricted from working outside of their homes for the foreseeable future.

Empower Artisans Afghanistan

A Vision for Economic Empowerment

The vision of Afghan Artisan Rugs is to create a culturally appropriate vehicle via which you can be a part of empowering the brave and resilient women of rural Afghanistan to attain the dignity of providing for their families. Our western team is here to facilitate the process, with a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure that your unique piece makes it to your doorstep, and goes on to adorn your home while sparking impactful conversations over decades to come.

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A Brighter Future

Our team includes Afghan web developers who will build and manage the online storefront, and Kabul University students who envision the designs for our modern patterned offerings. Mothers and their daughters work side by side while receiving equitable compensation and taking hold of their own futures.

Be a part of their story

The goal of Afghan Artisans is to see you empower Afghans… and hopefully tell their stories when asked about their exquisite piece of art adorning your home.

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A work in progress

Currently, in the development phase of launching this community benefit startup, our team is accepting an extremely limited number of orders each month.

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Drop us a message!

Reach out to the Afghan Artisans team to learn how you can commission your unique Afghan rug from a local artisan.

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(Our team will get back to you as soon as our satellite internet connection cooperates!)

Afghan Artisan Logo Afghanistan Artisan Rugs

Empowering Afghan Artisans to bring their exquisite hand-woven rugs from the mountains of rural Afghanistan to your home.

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